What a Gluten Free Food List Means to You

When you have a gluten sensitivity, you already know about the discomfort it can cause. You end up with excessive gas, bloating, and digestive pain. Indigestion is another symptom along with either constipation or diarrhea and sometimes alternating versions of both. In the beginning, these symptoms may not be so intense. As gluten intolerance progresses, the symptoms become worse. As it gets even more intense, you could develop celiac disease, which is a very advanced auto-immune disease caused by the constant eating of gluten when you are allergic or intolerant to it. No matter what, if you are experiencing a sensitivity to gluten, you should aim for eating a gluten-free diet. This means you can have not even a little bit of this crazy grain protein in your diet. Understand than most people with this problem just let it go unchecked and it is then overlooked. Sometimes even doctors will miss it. If you do go to a doctor to find out if you cannot tolerate gluten or if you have a serious case of celiac sprue, the go to a specialist that is well-known for dealing with gluten dietary issues. Furthermore, make sure they have a good reputation for treating the problem. One of the things that such healthcare professionals will provide you with is a gluten free food list. This will be of immense help to you with controlling your diet. It is important to keep these foods off the table and away from the utensils when you eat. Otherwise, you are sentencing yourself to a lifetime of digestive problems and you will eventually be forced to lay down the gluten anyway. Stay away from these grains: Wheat, spelt, rye, and barley. Find out all of the most common foods that contain these ingredients. Note that there are many, many prepared and packaged foods that contain gluten as well. Most commonly, you will find it in frozen food entrees and at restaurants. Many restaurants you go to will have staff who are not even aware of the gluten content in their foods. This will be when the list comes in handy. Not all of these lists for gluten-free foods are comprehensive. Much like this article, they just give you a general overview and the rest is up to you. With this understanding, you should scout out plenty of lists online and in books until you find the most complete one you can.

By Sherlyn, ago